Roy Whitesell's Shell Station, Indiana, circa 1930


Welcome to "The Cousins" site, as it has come to be known in our family. While many family sites are all facts and figures, we want to develop this site into an active part of our family. In order to do that, we need to give some background as to our site's origen.

I always want to know 'why' someone decided to undertake a project like this. How did it get started?

This site was conceived (pardon the upcoming pun) during a Baby Shower. The shower had given the opportunity for the female cousins of the Fagan side of my family. (it was a Baby Shower, so of course it was 'the girls'!) to get together and recount stories that we remember our grandparents telling us during our youth. There was a sudden realization that we are quickly becoming the 'older' generation (yikes!), and that we had information/stories that we wanted to save and pass along to the newest generation that was about to make its appearance.

During our sites' birth, our "baby" grew. The family information contained in this site is broader than that associated with the group of five Fagan first cousins (which includes me, and my four cousins - one brother and three sisters), but that was the origin, so it has taken on the nickname 'Cousins Family Tree' with all who have participated.


(last updated 3/3/2014)


feature 1 CLITTER
First common ancestors are: George Henry Clitter and Eliza King, married June 1863

feature 2 FAGAN
First common ancestors are: Harry Morgan Beppus Fagan and Ruth Janet Garroway, married June 1922

feature 3 GARROWAY
First common ancestors are: Ruth Janet Garroway and Harry Morgan Beppus Fagan, married June 1922

feature 4 HEYSHAM
First common ancestors are: Anna Stewart Heysham and Roy Washington Schweiker, married Feb 1894

First common ancestors are: Belle Corwin Hoyt and George Francis Clitter, married June 1893

feature 6 HUGHES
First common ancestors are: Sarah Jane Hughes and William Cletus Fagan, married about 1877

feature 7 McGRANAHAN
First common ancestors are: Emma Jane McGranahan and Francis Marion Miller, married March 1888

feature 9 McKEE
First common ancestors are: Mary Ellen McKee and James Lockhart Garroway, married September 1888

feature 10 MILLER
First common ancestors are: Francis Marion Miller and Emma Jane McGranahan, married March 1888

feature 11 PARKS
First common ancestors are: Benjamin Green Parks, Jr. and Jane Burnette Jackson, married November 1952

feature 12 SCHWEIKER
First common ancestors are: Roy Washington Schweiker and Anna Stewart Heysham, married February 1894


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